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How To Select A Wine Gift Basket

Submitted by on August 30, 2009 – 7:11 am
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A wine gift basket can be the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion that requires a gift. They are always well-received gifts for wine enthusiasts and often include extra wine-related items. They can also include such gourmet treats as cheese, chocolates, fruit, nuts and wine accessories like corkscrews and bottle openers, drip stoppers, foil cutters or whatever else you decide to add to the basket. You can buy them already assembled or you can make your own for a very special gift-giving touch. All you need to know is the style of wine the receiver enjoys, or you can create a surprise basket.

Buying Prepared Baskets

If you’d rather buy a wine gift basket pre-packaged, stop into your local liquor store to see if they have a selection available. Good liquor stores often sell gift baskets, especially during the holiday season. You should be able to select the wine you’d like to add to the basket and then select accompanying products.

Shop Online

The internet is the first place to search for customizable gift baskets. You can start by ordering one or more bottles of wine of your choice, then begin adding complementary products from the wide range available. Similar products that could be included are smoked salmon and caviar, cheese crackers or other savory bites, small dairy cheeses, cheese platters and knives, nuts, whole grain mustards or regional honeys … the sky’s the limit in what you can add to them.

The online retailer will then arrange delivery the basket directly to the gift recipient. This is a very easy option for a corporate gift or as a thank-you to a member of your staff.

Make Your Own Gift Baskets

Making your own wine gift basket gives allows you to add that extra personal touch. Start by buying a pretty basket. Even a simple and inexpensive basket will do because you can then decorate it with silk flowers or colored tissue paper. Buy your wine of choice or choose champagne for a special celebration, add some extra items depending on the preferences of the gift recipient. For example, it’s not necessary to limit your basket to wine and wine-themed gifts. You could include handicrafts for someone interested in arts and crafts, or a book about wine for a wine lover who is also interested in the history or the making of wine. Add some quality food products to accompany the wine, pack everything into your decorated basket and wrap the whole thing in clear cellophane.

When possible, deliver the gift basket personally to the recipient so you can experience their joy on they receive it. If you’re very lucky the receiver might even share the bottle of wine with you.

For those people who don’t enjoy wine there are many other items to choose for gift baskets. For a coffee drinker you could try a coffee-themed gift basket that could include coffee mugs, freshly roasted coffee beans from different coffee-growing regions of the world, gourmet cookies, toffees and, nuts. A tea lover would probably enjoy a range of teas from different regions, together with a teapot and strainer and a fine china teacup. A coffee or tea gift basket could actually be packed onto a decorated tray rather that a basket. Again, wrap the whole package in clear cellophane and tie with a ribbon.

Let your imagination run free when creating a gift basket.

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